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Without Borders
Without Borders
Without Borders
"Without Borders"

Georges Corraface as Plato.
Also staring : Giorgios Voyagis, Seymour Cassel, Veronica Vassilakopoulou, Eugenia Kaplan, Dorothea Mercouri, Spiros Papadopoulos.
Directed by : Nick Gaitatji.
Produced by : Nick Gaitatjis, John Apostolou, Sandra Staggs.
Distributed by: Village Roadshow.
Date : 2008.

Thanassi (Giorgos Voyagis) is an itinerant street vendor in Athens loved by all. He is accompanied by pretty little blond Melissa (Veronica Vassilakopoulou), who was left in his care by Mila (Eugenia Kaplan), a Russian prostitue who travles to the United States in search of a better life.

Five years later, Mila returns accompanied by her American husband and forcibly takes Melissa away from the only parent she has known most of her young life, Thanassis. He is inconsolable and decides to attempt to see Melissa once again.

He is refused a U.S. visa, and asks his cousin Plato (Georges Corraface) for help, a shady character who for 25 years has made a living playing poker and doing other questionable business in Las Vegas.

Plato meets Thanassis in Juarez, Mexico, to help him illegally cross the border. Unbeknownst to his kindly and credulous cousin, Plato seizes the opportunity to smuggle a cocaine shipment into the country. When this is stolen from him their troubles begin in earnest.

From the Arizona deserts to the snowbound CHicago landscapes, the two cousins are obliged to put aside their numerous differences and reach an understanding in order to survive their misadventures - and find Melissa...