«A Touch of Spice»

Georges Corraface in the role of Fannis
Also starring: Bashak Köklükaya, Tassos Bandis, Tamer Karadagli, Ieroklis Michaelidis
Directed by: Tassos Boulmetis
Scenario by: Tassos Boulmetis
Produced by: Village Roadshow Greece
Distributed by: Warner et Village Roadshow Greece
Date: 2003
Photos: Kleopatra Charitou

Fannis, professor of astrophysics at the University of Athens has been invited to UC Berkeley for a year in order to teach a special class on Anti-Matter, a field of study in which he is a leading authority.

A few days before his departure, he learns his beloved grandfather, whom he has not seen since he was a child in Istanbul, is arriving in Athens for a family reunion.

Although most of the Greek community left Turkey in 1965 to settle in Greece (and elsewhere) , when the Turkish government took over their property and expulsed them, Fannis’ grandfather stayed on. He always promised to join them later, but was never able to be separated from his native land even for a few weeks which, for him, was too heartbreaking.

Now, he is finally arriving in Athens and Fannis must postpone his voyage to America. However, grandfather’s intuition was right, and he has a stroke at the airport. So, Fannis must now travel eastward to visit him in the hospital, back to the city which had such a determining influence on him and to a grandfather whose wisdom had such profound influence on all who knew him.

Rediscovering the roots of his heritage, he finds he still remembers how to cook with spices thanks to grandfather’s lessons at the neighborhood spice shop! Will he be tempted to remain in the oriental city of beauty and refinement where old love takes on new meaning?

Special Award:
At the 44th Thessaloniki International Film Festival, “With a unanimous decision, the Jury of the Greek Film and Television Technicians Association P AV Department, comprised of cinematographer Andreas Sinanos, cinematographer Efstathios Govas, set and costume designer Spyros Karagiannis, set and costume designer Dimitra Labretsa, producer Sotiris Lambropoulos, producer Emilios Mihailidis, editor Christos Sadatsoglou and sound engineer Dimitris Georgiou, presents the,

Special award for technical excellence to the film “A Touch Of Spice” by Tassos Boulmetis”.

“A Touch Of Spice” received the Dewars Audience award for best Greek film, the State Cinema Award 2003 first prize for fiction film, as well as the Best director award and the Best Screenplay for Tassos Boulemetis, and Best Cinematography, Best Set Design, Best Sound, Best Editing awards.