«Camille des Lilas et les voleurs d’enfants»

Georges Corraface stars as Alain
Also starring: Jean Jérôme Esposito, Julie Lucazeau, Taïra Borée, Carlotta Clerici
Directed by : Jean Louis Milési
Produced by: Jean Louis Milési
Date: 2005

A black comedy for the new millenium. Paris 2000. A bum with a heart bigger than his brain and a small-time wheeler dealer agree to kidnap a little girl for a price. Unable to lure one into their scheme, even with the age-old candy trick, they are about to give up and endure yet another of life’s defeats when they suddenly discover themselves being followed by a little boy!

He’s a runaway, looking for an adventure, and finds them to be the ideal new friends for his escape from home. They all become fast friends, and the two crooks think their luck has finally turned until the dreaded day for delivery of their captive.