« Commissaire Magellan »

«Commissaire Magellan: Mise en Bière»

Georges Corraface in the role of brewer Claude Verague
Also starring: Jacques Spiesser.
Directed by: Grégory Ecale
Produced by: France 3
Distributed by: France 3
Date: 2019

Georges portrays Claude Verague in the «Mise en Bière»* episode of the «Commissaire Magellan» TV series (France 3).

Claude Verague is a Lille patriarch and reknowned brewer at the heart of a drama of ambitions and rivalries. The episode reunited him with Jacques Spiesser, with whom he’d worked on “Red Summer”.

* “mise en bière” in French is a word play, with “bière” as “beer” and “coffin”

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