«Ecoute, Nicolas»

Georges Corraface as Marcello.
Also Starring:  Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu, Mabo Kouyate, Lilly-Fleur Pointeaux, Michèle Garcia, Romain Larue, Frédérique Ruchaud, Michael Morris, Alexandre Wittmayer.
Directed by: Roger Kahane.
Screenplay: Roger Kahane and Helen Cohen.
Produced by: Image & Compagnie.
Distributed by:  France 2.
Date:  2002.

Lorraine, is raising her 12-year-old adopted son Nicolas alone and ensures that he receives an exemplary education: piano, chess, tennis. Nothing seems to be able to disturb their relationship. Not even Sonia, her sister who is expecting a fifth child, and their elderly mother, who escaped from the retirement home.

When getting on the bus that will take him to his rowing course, Nicolas has a lot of trouble leaving her. But a providential sprain brings him home unexpectedly. He is surprised to find Marcello there, his blind piano teacher, with Lorraine. Jealous, the boy manifests his refusal to share his mother with a man, suffering from a handicap.

Determined to put an end to this relationship, he does everything to make life impossible for Marcello, not hesitating to move the furniture in the house or throw him into the street. Lorraine, concerned about the state of health of her old mother who lives with her older sister Sonia does not seem to measure the distress of her son. The music softening the mores, everything will eventually work out.