«Femme d’Honneur»

“Woman of Honor”

Georges Corraface as Hervé Mallet.

Other main roles: Corinne Touzet, Romaric Perche.
Directed by: Gilles Béhat.
Produced by: VIA Productions.
Distributed by: TF1.
Date:  1999.
Isabelle, responsible for investigating a homicide hat occurred in her area, is led to continue her investigation in Guadeloupe. However, this is where Hervé, her ex-husband, eternally fickle and skipper by profession, is based. Nicolas, their son, on vacation, is also traveling and the small family is temporarily reunited. Despite a good dose of confusion of feelings, the two ex-spouses l end up sharing the risks of a dangerous and not very regulatory mission, in order to set a trap for traffickers of criminal children.