«Girls Can Get Away with Anything»

Georges Corraface appears as a fire fighter.
Also staring: Thylda Bares, Nora Rotman, Jean-Claude Brialy, Roland Bertin, Dominique Besnehard.
Directed by: Charlotte Silvera.
Produced by: Louise Productions.
Distributed by: Tecumseh Works.
Date : 2003.

Judith, eight years old, thinks that cinema is more interesting than real life. She is audacious and daring and possesses the gift of gab.

She was lucky last summer to interpret Prune, a leading role in a real movie. Since then, she has harbored one dream only: to find the director, the beautiful actress, and the crew of that movie. And so she runs away from home and meets Nora, an eleven year old girl whose personality is quite the opposite of her own, and the two of them take off for an adventurous escapade through Paris.