Georges Corraface in the role of Gerardo.
Also starring: Mercè Pons, Concha Velasco, Elisa Matilla, Alberto San Juan.
Directed by: Juan Luis Iborra and Yolanda Garcia Serrano.
Produced by: Universal Pictures Spain and Cuarteto P.C. in association with Media Park.
Distributed by: Universal Pictures International.
Date: 2000.

“Km.0” is a sweet and sour comedy about life in Madrid today: love (lost, found, lost again), sex, coincidence (good and bad luck), self involvement and escape. Madrid like New York is open 24 hours a day, not for business, more for contact.

One suffocating afternoon of August, 14 people simultaneously all feel the desperate need to change their lives. They will all meet up and cross paths at the 0 kilometer circle in the center of the Puerta Del Sol which will come to symbolize the starting point of the rest of their lives.

Silvia (Mercè Pons), an out of work actress at a low point in her life and career, seizing the moment, throws herself in front of the car driven by the most famous and generally unavailable director in town, Gerardo (Georges Corraface). He applies the breaks just in time and Sylvia, unhurt but frazzled and shaking, follows him into a café for a breather. There she will give an audition, forcing her luck, blowing her chances, and turning the event into a psychodrama.

Gerardo, however, “discovers” her anyway, finding in her all the qualities requiered by the leading role in the production that he is just starting!