Georges Corraface as Alex.
Also Starring:  Marie-Anne Chazel, Hélène Vincent, Joséphine Serre, Nathalie Courval, Vincent Solignac, Michel Robin, Stéphane Rodin, Marco Bisson.
Directed by: Michaël Perrotta.
Screenplay: Lorraine Levy and Sophie Deschamps.
Produced by: CINETEVE.
Distributed by:  TF1.
Date:  2001.
Colette (Marie-Anne Chazel) lives in a small courtyard in a popular district of Paris, surrounded by a community of colorful characters, a sort of “extended family” that the fortunes of life throw into her arms always courageously wide open. In town, she does housework and at the same time as the dust, endeavors to right all the wrongs that her big heart manages to detect in her various workplaces.Alex (Georges Corraface), an eccentric artist-painter, madly in love with Colette, his ‘obsessively’ unique model, does not share his immoderate taste for quixoticism on a daily basis. He is the advocate of selfish happiness of the “isolationist” type. However, he finds himself fatally and regularly involved in adventures that start off badly but all the same end up being resolved, to the delight of all.He is, in turn, at grips with the police, the DASS and even with justice when he is mistakenly taken for a genius forger. All this gives rise to legendary household scenes between the two lovers …