“The Teacher”

Georges Corraface as Pierre Rolland.
Other main roles: Claire Borotra, Matthieu Rozé.
Directed by: Henri Helman.
Produced by: Telfrance for TF1.
Distributed by: TF1.
Date: 1999.

September 1948, Jeanne has just been appointed to Brousse, a small village in Auvergne, for her first post as a teacher. There she finds Henri, her lifelong friend, who already teaches in the school. For Jeanne and Henri, this small village school is only a step, in their life plans– they enrolled in philosophy degree in Clermont-Ferrand and dream of Paris, journalism and political commitment .

From the first days of school, Jeanne’s attention was alerted by Pierre Rolland (Georges Corraface), a widower since the end of the war and very attached to her son, little Maurice to whom she was soon to give lessons. She soon gives in to the growing confusion that seized her and Pierre and the couple enter into a passionate story that distances them from the rest of the world. Jeanne skips philosophy lessons and walks away from Henri, who believes that Pierre is destroying her.

It was then that a friend of Jeanne who lives in Paris, Elisabeth, offered to join her for the end of the year celebrations. She wants to introduce him to friends of her husband who is a journalist at “France Soir” and who would be willing to publish film reviews that she had posted to him. Pierre does not accept Jeanne’s enthusiasm at the idea of ​​going to Paris, even for a few days. He sees this trip as a betrayal, an abandonment. Their connection gets out of hand.

Jeanne suffocates under Pierre’s feelings; she needs to realize herself, to find her way, but she cannot do without him. Passion is winning over reason … Pierre becomes jealous, possessive and almost violent. By behaving thus, he forces Jeanne to make a decision.

December 1948, Jeanne leaves Brousse for the holidays, ready to take charge of her life. She will never come back.