«Long Live the Bride and the Liberation of Kurdistan»

Georges Corraface as Cheto.
Also starring: Marina Kobakhidzé, Fatah Soltani, Serge Avedikian, Tuncel Kurtiz, Stéphanie Lagarde, Bruno Lopez.
Directed by: Hiner Saleem.
Produced by: Marc Ruscart, Les Films du Rivage, Le Studio Canal+, SOFICAS Gimages and Studio Image 4.
Distributed by: AMLF (France), Le Studio Canal+ (international).
Date: 1998
A warm and gently humorous story set in Paris’ community of exiled Kurds, this film has received excellent reviews since its release in France June 3rd.Young Kurdish militant Cheto (Georges Corraface), a political refugee in France, decides to wed a Kurdish girl in keeping with the moral and cultural traditions of his homeland. To select his bride, Cheto asks his friend Misto (Bruno Lopez) to film potential candidates in Kurdistan. Among the many coy or shy young women seen in the video, Cheto discovers the young and beautiful Kurdish girl of his dreams and asks for her hand in marriage.Kurdish tradition, however, requires that the eldest daughter be the first to wed. Thus it is the chosen girl’s older sister, Mina (Marina Kobakhidzé), an awkward peasant girl decked out in traditional make-up, who arrives in Paris. Furious, Cheto is no longer sure he wants to be married. The Kurdish community rallies around the young woman, her honor in danger of being compromised. These are people strong in solidarity, where each individual problem finds a collective solution.In the process, Cheto will discover that the revolution begins at home – and in the heart.