Georges Corraface as Nicos.
Also staring: Mili Avital, Dan Turgeman, Josh Lucas, Anat Atzmon, Mike Burstein, Catherine Kellner.
Directed by: Jonathan Tamuz.
Produced by: Ronit Assis (executive), Gideon Gala, Shai Bar Levi, Micky Rabinowitz, Shlomo Rasabi (executive), Dan Turgeman, Irving S. White.
Distributed by: Minotaur Productions, Cinema Pardes, Top Line Communications.
Date: 1995

Alex Abramov (Dan Turgeman) is Mossad secret agent keeping an eye on some bad guys. He falls in love with young music student Thea (Mili Avital), but can not reveal himself and secretly sends her gifts and letters. At first Thea thinks that it must be another student, G.R. (Josh Lucas), and the villains – knowing about Alex’s feelings towards Thea – attack G.R. by mistake. She then erroneously comes to believe that a professor of Spanish poetry, Nicos (George Corraface) is her letter-lover.

In the end, “she falls in love with the wrong guy – who ultimately is the right man for her,” George explains. Set in New York, this romantic thriller is based on the best-selling novel by the director’s father.