«Muere mi vida»

Georges Corraface as Jota Sansvolonté.
Also staring: Loles León, Isabel Mestres, Angela Castilla, Angelica Revert, Fernanda Serrano, Chisco Amado.
Directed by: Mar Targarona.
Produced by: Joaquín Padró, Rodar y Rodar, S.L., Cartel.
Distributed by: Pandora Films.
Date: 1995

Four women decide to get rid of the man in their lives, in this Spanish comedy-thriller about seduction. Jota Sansvolonté (Georges Corraface) is an insouciant flirt who leaves the object of his desire as soon as she has succumbed to his charms. It’s not his fault he drives them crazy: it just happens. He loves women, but avoids any obligation like the plague – and plays with them as only a great seducer can.

All games come to an end, however, and Jota just may lose … his life. Clara, Maria, Lola and Lidia all have reasons for wanting him dead. Clara Soteras (Isabel Mestres), his ex-wife, was ruined by him and then discovers that her daughter Cristina is going out with him – she would rather see him dead before becoming his mother-in-law. Maria Castillo (Angélica Revert), his girlfriend, would rather see him dead than with another woman.

Lola Fuentes (Loles León), the single mother of his child, would rather see him dead before he plays the irresponsible father. Lidia Gabivet (Ángela Castilla) has been a wreck since an affair with him that destroyed her marriage. She would like to see him dead simply and purely for revenge.

Brought together by chance, they plot the perfect crime, in an isolated coastal mansion belonging to Clara. However, Jota – because he’s so candid – turns out to be harder to kill than they planned, and a suspicious, observant husband further complicates their plot.