«Not Without my Daughter»

Georges Corraface as Mohsen.
Also staring: Sally Fields, Alfred Molina, Sheila Rosenthal, Sarah Badel, Roshan Seth, Mony Rey.
Directed by: Brian Gilbert.
Based on the novel by Betty Mahmoody.
Screenplay by: David W. Rintels.
Produced by: Harry J. Ufland and Mary Jane Ufland.
Distributed by: Pathé Entertainment.
Award: Golden Screen 1991 (Germany).
Date: 1990.
Awards: Golden Screen, Germany.

In this adventure based on a true story, Georges plays the key role of Mohsen, who helps a mother rescue her child.

An American woman, Betty Mahmoody (Sally Fields), married to an Iranian-born doctor, Moody (Alfred Molina), travels to Iran under her husband’s pretense of a vacation. She is horrified to learn her husband intends to live there and refuses to allow her or their daughter to leave.

Gone is the attentive husband, replaced by a religious integrist who follows the belief that women should wear veils and not be seen nor heard. She then begins a desperate and dangerous plan to escape the country with her daughter.

Betty decides to leave, no easy task in a country in the grip of revolutionary fervor. She is also determined that she will not leave her young daughter, Mahtob (Sheila Rosenthal) behind, to an uncertain future in a land the mollahs have made unkind to women.

This film is based on Betty Mahmoody’s best-selling book about her dramatic experiences.