«Pasion Turca»

Georges Corraface as Yaman.
Also staring: Ana Belén, Silvia Munt, Cem Baseskioglu, Loles León, Ramon Madaula, Claude Brosset.
Directed by: Vicente Aranda.
Based on the famous novel by: Antonio Gala.
Produced by: Sogepaq, Cartel SA, Lolafilms, S.A.
Distributed by: Columbia Tri-Star.
Date: 1994

The enormous success of “Pasion Turca” made Georges Corraface a star in Spain.

This erotic drama tells the tale of desire, obsession and humiliation. Desideria (Ana Belén) has everything of which most young women dream: an understanding and caring husband, a beautiful home and good friends. Yet this provincial, middle-class “happily married” woman is sexually dissatisfied and inexperienced. Then she takes a holiday with her husband in Turkey, a trip from which she will never be able to return.

“Turkish Passion” is about adventure to the exotic and mysterious East, an odyssey to the erotic ends of the world. Lost in Istanbul, stunned by a place, a culture and a society which are alien to her, she falls in love with Yaman (Georges Corraface), whose name means “the only one”.

She plunges into an obsessive love affair and wild sexual adventure which constrasts starkly with her life at home. Desi gives up on the pretense of a “happy marriage” and surrenders herself to her instincts and her repressed desires… to the “immense pleasure of not belonging to myself”. Yaman, under the surface appearance of a practised seducer, is in fact deeply tortured by his inability to love, and needs to pervert the relationship into a power play in order to stay interested.

Consumed by carnal passion, Desi’s surrender leads her to disaster, degradation, humiliation and submission. Her lover uses her to achieve his ends in the sordid underworld he’s involved in – yet that disaster is at the same time a triumph for Desi, something perfectly unique for her. Turkish Passion” is about the fatal logic of desire and what it can lead to: the catastrophic beauty of sexual fulfillment and erotic adventure.