Georges Corraface plays Stephanos adult.
Also starring: Ani Loulou, Alexandros Milonas, Nikoleta Bladianou, Giorgos Gerontidakis.
Directed by: Costas Kapakas.
Produced by: Cinegram S.A., Greek Film Center et Kapa Films.
Distributed by: First Distributors Ltd. et Vagrant Films (Canada).
Date: 1999

Forty-something and recently divorced, aircraft engineer Stefanos buries himself in his work in order to forget the problems of his private life. When a long-lost school chum, Manolis, invites him to a party, he finds himself remembering his happy childhood. The loss of his first tooth, his first attempt at shaving, the spicy magazines stolen from his father and burnt by his mother, the fat teacher, the pictures of saints stolen in Church to swap for picture cards of planes, the arrival of the first refrigerator at his home, his Aunt Venetia, as deaf as a post but always ready to defend him, who left him her savings to him so that he could study in England.

But the strongest memory is that of his beloved cousin Marina. As children they could kiss each other on the mouth, play together for hours and get drunk on peppermint, adults never seemed to notice.

But once they became adolescents their love was forbidden and years have gone by since Stefanos last saw her. The sudden death of his mother brings Stefanos back to the village of his childhood and to a new meeting with the love he has never forgotten.