«Quartet in Four Movements»

Georges Corraface in the role of Stéphanos.
Other main roles:  Themis Bazaka, Constandinos Constandopoulos, Ourania Ghioni.
Directed by: Lucia Rikaki.
Produced by: Lucia Rikaki, Orama Films.
Distributed by:  Orama Films.
Date:  1994

Alexandra and Andonis are a couple in their thirties. But suddenly their relationship is threatened by the presence of Stephanos, a famous composer, and Claire, a strange young photographer. Indeed, against their will, Alexandra and Andonis will simultaneously let themselves be drawn into two stories in which they did not expect not..

Alexandra and Stephanos are going to live a romantic relationship filled with emotions and music. But soon, the young woman will realize that she feels more and more foreign in the narcissistic universe of Stephanos. As for Claire and Andonis, it is in sensuality and sex that they will maintain short-term relationships. Upon seeing more closely, Claire will change her lifestyle and petty bourgeois behavior, after which she will leave Andonis