Georges Corraface as Jaime Narbona.
Also staring: Ana Fernández, Emilio Gutíerrez Caba, Alberto Jimenez, Carlos Kaniowsky, Magüi Mira, Ana Otero, Jordi Dauder, César Diaz, Tatiana Martínez.
Directed by: Miguel Ángel Vivas.
Screenplay by: Miguel Ángel Vivas.
Produced by: José Luis Escolar.
Date (filmed): 2001.

Jaime Narbona, detective in the Special Homicide Squad of the Madrid judicial police, undertakes the challenge of a new case: to arrest the serial killer whose first victim was his ex-partner’s new-born baby. On the wall of the scene of the crime, he finds a message written in blood: “Welcome To The Game”. This clue enables him to relate this case with cases of similar style that occurred years ago. To his mind, it is clear that the suspect he has been pursuing for years, Lazáro Herranz, is guilty.

Behind these atrocious crimes, there is a cruel Mastermind who conceived a perfect plan, down to the smallest details, a perverse intelligence that enabled him to win the jury’s favor when on trial and that will allow him now to slip through police traps and flaunt the authorities.

For Jaime, the Lazaro case has been a personal failure that seriously affected his marriage, which has been in a state of persistent crisis since, during the trial, he discovered that Julia, his wife, had been Lazaro’s mistress. Transformed by guilt and self-reproach, ghosts from Jaime’s past reappear in the present. With the help of an experienced pathologist and of his partner, Ivan, Jaime will have to use those memories to draw new conclusions.

Meanwhile, new victims are found, forcing Jaime to race against the clock… Pursuing a serial killer can be dangerous and destructive to the point of transforming a cop into a killer.