«Stand by»

Georges Corraface plays the client in the parking lot.
Also starring: Dominique Blanc, Roschdy Zem, Patrick Catalifo, Jean-Luc Bideau.
Directed by: Roch Stephanik.
Produced by: Maurice Bernat.
Distributed by: Président Classics.
Date: 1999
Awards: Avignon Film Festival (Best shooting), Buenos Aires International Festival of Independent Cinema (Best Film), César Awards, France (Best actress, Dominique Blanc), Montréal World Film Festival (First film special distinction).

Helen (Dominique Blanc) and her husband Gerard (Patrick Catalifo) are at the Paris Orly Airport, about to board a plane for Buenos Aires where Gerard is starting a new job. At the check-in counter, he informs her that he wants to start a new life and intends to leaves without her.

Helen goes into shock and from then on haunts the airport like a ghost, never resuming her former identity. A new Helene slowly emerges through a series of encounters.

Georges plays the part of a businessman arriving in town whom she selects as her first mark when she decides to make some money to get by while living in the airport’s No Man’s Land.