«Toutes les femmes sont des déesses»

Georges Corraface as Thomas.
Also Starring: Alexandra Vandernoot, Francis Huster.
Directed by: Marion Sarraut.
Produced by: Neria Productions.
Distributed by: TF1.
Date:  1999.

Telefilm in two parts, recounting the construction of the Athens metro and the discovery of the mythical giant gold and ivory statue of Athena Parthenos. The interests of the three central figures, initially conflicting, end up converging.

Doctor Mikael (Francis Huster) battles pollution diseases in a traffic-congested city, including trying to save a young boy, who turns out to be his own son. Valérie (Alexandra Vandernoot), his engineer wife, is fighting to carry out the metro site for which she is responsible.

Thomas (Georges Corraface), apparently a simple construction worker, but in fact a UNESCO agent in charge of the defense of the world heritage, fights so that this treasure of antiquity does not fall into the hands of a powerful network of traffickers. Valérie and Thomas will join forces so that, for once, the interests of the metro and those of archaeological research are not contradictory.

The interest that Thomas shows in Valérie, helps her to get through a difficult course in her union with Mikael.