Georges Corraface in the role of Stepjan.
Other main roles:Alexandra Vandernoot, Alexandra Kazan, Macha Méril, Raoul Billret, Myriam Moraly, Samori Bâ, Philippe Caroit, Frédéric Berthelot.
Directed by:Henri Helman.
Produced by: TelFrance.
Distributed by: TF1.
Date:  1999.

Great family saga in Cathar country dealing mainly with loyalty to roots, family and social ties in a small community where everyone knows each other, but also intolerance, through the theme of the return of the prodigal daughter (Alexandra Vandernoot ). Georges plays Stepjan, a Bosnian refugee who turns out to be a descendant of the branch of the family that fled the massacres of the Middle Ages.

A family of Cathar origin owns a Cathar castle (in ruins). The members live in a farmhouse, where they are winegrowers. When her mother dies, one of the daughters, Angel (Alexandra van der Noot), feeling a little guilty of this death, leaves for Africa. She falls in love with an African democratic leader, with whom she has a child. A civil war ends their romance. He is murdered and she narrowly escapes with their child. Back at the family farmhouse, his presence and his half-African child embarrass those around him and question everyone.

A Bosnian refugee arrives (Georges Corraface), a zoologist with Cathar origins transmitted from father to son, he notably possesses relics (statues). He walks around the old ruined castle, fascinated. He is, in fact, the descendant of a branch of this Cathar family who fled the massacres 700 years earlier.

This zoologist will discover a rare species of eagle, and fights so that the region is transformed into a natural park for the survival of this species, and not converted into a large nuclear waste recycling plant as a jealous son wants. by Belgian actor Frédéric Berthelot.