«Alex Santana, Negotiator» (2002-2004)

Georges Corraface as Alex Santana.
Also staring: Michel Albertini, Bénédicte Delmas, Claude Sesé, Alexandre Zambeaux, Sophie Michaud, Lizzie Brocheré, Hélène Seuzaret and Fanny Gilles, Jérémy Banster, Jean-François Fagour et Nicolas Marié (second season).
Directed by: José Pinheiro, Eric Woreth, Gilles Béhat, Marc Angelo, René Manzor, Denis Amar.
Scenario by: Dominique Golfier.
Produced by: Aubes Productions.
Distributed by: TF1.
Date: 2002-2004 – 8 episodes (95min each).
Photos  Bernard Fau.

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Santana isn’t your everyday cop. He’s the number one negociator at the BIE, an elite crime intervention brigade called upon to intervene in highly explosive situations. On a daily basis, he deals with all sorts of hostage situations, kidnapping, prison mutiny, as well as suicide attempts. His training for the job wasn’t police academy. He acquired his action skills in the seventies when he was involved with radical, political groups in Europe and South America, then developed his talent as a negociator over the years by traveling through the third world, involved in humanitarian causes.

His compassion for human suffering combined with an acute knowledge of the human heart, sets him apart and allows him to reach out even to hardened criminals in their most desperate moments. He’s on the job to apply the law, but he is capable of giving it a human touch.

An expert team of assistants helps him establish the psychological profile of anyone involved in the crisis/stand off situation: Marco has the widest network of informers in all of France. Olivier is their hi-tech wizzard, gathering comparative info and capable of inventing sophisticated surveillance devices, and Romain Lavollée, the brigade’s supervisor, buffers the group from the administrative and political hierarchies. Finally, there is Anna, a doctor, under Santana’s care since she was 15 (when her father was imprisoned for armed robbery) who has recently joined his team and takes care of all medical emergencies.