Georges plays the Greek ambassador to France in Costa Gavras’ latest film, «Adults in the Room»

Georges plays a guest role as Greece’s ambassador to France in Costa Gavras’ «Adults in the Room», based on the book of the same title by Yanis Varoufakis. The film retraces Varoufakis’ five months of negotiations as the newly elected Minister of Finance in 2015, against the technocratic apparatus in place at the head of Europe.

Costa Gavras describes his film as “a Greek tragedy in the present time”, no doubt because it became clear that despite the rational and beneficial solutions proposed by Varoufakis, Europe’s leaders’ overriding goal was to “execute” the anti-austerity government as an example to other European countries facing a budgetary deficit, and thereby plunging the Greek nation into economic depression for generations to come.

«Adults in the Room» is the closing film for the 25th anniversary edition of the Athens International Film Festival in September, to be screened in the presence of director Costa Gavras.

Athens International Film Festival announcement
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