Legends of the Far North: Georges Corraface in the role of Charles Bel-Air.
Other main roles:Randy Quaid, Sandrine Holt, Macha Grenon.
Directed by:Rene Manzor.
Produced by: Trimark.
Distributed by: Gaumont.
Date:  1994.Charles Bel-Air (Georges Corraface), a shy Parisian antique dealer, is lured into the the Yukon by Whip Gorman (Randy Quaid), who presents himself as his late father’s partner. The latter had abandoned wife and children for the adventurous life of searching for gold. Whip who cannot read, hopes by trusting his father’s diary with Charles, that he will be able to tell him the location of Esperanza, a mythical lake at the bottom of which there is abundant gold. Unfortunately for Whip, Charles decides to go with him. Whip and Laura (Macha Grenon), seasoned adventurer who joins them, have trouble getting Charles out of all the bad places where his inexperience leads him. After many adventures, Charles eventually discovers Esperanza thanks to the sacrifice of the daughter of the Native Chief who captured them. Out of respect for his father’s memory, Charles decides not to violate Esperanza’s secret.