«The First Line» (Promakhos), by U.S. filmmakers John and Coerte Voorhees, opens in Greece

Georges with co-star Kassandra Voyagis

«The First Line» (“Promakhos”, Greek title) opened November 27th, 2015, in Greece.

This courtroom drama by John and Coerte Voorhees about the case against the British Museum had its world premiere at the Thessaloniki International Film Festival on the anniversary of the death of Melina Mercouri, whose mission to reunite the Parthenon marbles in Athens drew attention to the cause worldwide.

Georges is an associate producer and portrays the architect in charge of the restoration of the Acropolis. A gala held November 24th at the new Acropolis Museum raised funds to promote the film in the United Kingdom.

A few weeks before the film’s premiere, Amal Clooney was in Athens to confirm that her London-based law firm Doughty Street Chambers would be taking on the defense of the case to «liberate» the marble treasures taken from their Greek temple by Lord Elgin in the 19th century and return them to their rightful place in Athens.