«Julia’s Curse»

Director: Bruno Garcia
Writers: Luc Chaumar, Jean-Marie Chavent
Stars: Corinne Touzet, Georges Corraface, Sophie de Fürst
Produced by: France 3

Julia Gramont (Corinne Touzet) returns to France after living 17 years in Australia to be near her father, a once-powerful CEO now weakened by illness and obliged to give up his empire. From the moment she arrives in Lille and take control of the family company, a curse seems to descend on her family.

They are targeted by an unbelievable series of catastrophes. When Julia’s daughter Esther (Sophie de Fürst) is accused of murder, she decides to investigate by herself. Her lover François (Georges Corraface), a police officer, does his best to help but must also confront Julia’s defense mechanisms which clearly hide a terrible secret. Who wants to destroy Julia’s life?

This police thriller was filmed in Lille and the Nord Pas-de-Calais region for France 3. When first broadcast in February 2014 it scored the best audience for a single fiction work.

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