«L’Ultimo Pulcinella»

"L'Ultimo Pulcinella"
Georges Corraface and Valeria Cavalli, Rome International Film Festival, 2009 Photo: Eric Vandeville

Georges Corraface plays Commandant Richard
Also staring: Massimo Ranieri, Adriana Asti, Valeria Cavalli, Antonio Casagrande, Jean Sorel, Margot Dufrene.
Directed by: Maurizio Scaparro.
Produced by: Faro Films.
Date: 2008

The Ultimo Pulcinella, freely inspired by Roberto Rosselini’s treatment of a film that was never made, explores the difficult relationship between a young Neapolitan artist and activist seeking new creative sensations in Paris and his father, a struggling street artist, who keeps up the tradition of playing the adventures of Pulcinella on the public squares of Naples.

Photo: Georges Corraface and Valeria Cavalli at the Rome Festival in 2009. Photo: Eric Vandeville