«Meine Töchter Gehört Mir»

Georges Corraface as Nikos.
Also staring: Barbara Auer, Nadja Nebas, Nicolas Brieger, Aleki Paizi, Nicole Heesters, Stefan Wolf-Schönberg.
Directed by: Vivian Naefe.
Produced by: Harald Muchametow, Regina Ziegler, for Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR), Regina Ziegler Filmproduktion.
Distributed by: Tobis.
Date: 1991.

Ruth (Barbara Auer) and Nikos (Georges Corraface) were divorced when their daughter was still quite young. Since then, Nikos, a doctor, has moved back to Greece, his native country, for a new start in life.

He surprises Ruth when he returns to Berlin some years later, intending to persuade her that their daughter would live a more fulfilling life with him and his new family. He points out that Ruth, a single parent, who has not yet finshed medical school, is bringing up their child in a stressful big city environment and is dependant on babysitters for parenting, while he has everything healthy and wholesome to offer the child: The Greek countryside, good climate, wholesome food, a real father, real grandparents, and a caring stepmother.

Ruth is unenthousiastic; she tells Nicos to go to hell. Consequently, Nicos kidnaps the little girl and returns to Kalamata. Naturally, Ruth follows them and begs him to release their daughter. And he, in turn, refuses to cooperate on any terms.

Back in Berlin, Ruth hires a private detective, experienced in repatriating children of divorced or separated couples. He succeeds in recapturing the child after a frantic pursuit, but Nikos heads them off at the airport. In a tense and dangerous confrontation, this personal vendetta comes to an end. But not before the little girl has finally had her say.