«On Leave»

French title: «La Permission»

Second collaboration for Georges and Philippe Niang. After “Lovers in The Shadows”, a new made -for- TV film, called “On Leave” explores the themes of racism and the taboo of interracial love during WWI in France.

Bakari (Souleymane Seye Ndiaye), an enlisted man from Senegal is the ideal suspect in the murder of a French officer which occurred only moments before a nocturnal surprise attack by the Germans.

Georges plays Captain Beaulieu, the victim’s uncle, who investigates the crime which hits close to home. Weaving his way through the soldiers of his battalion as well as the members of his own family, Cousin Louise (Charlotte de Turkheim), his niece Jeanne (Hande Kodja) and her fiancé, Adrien de Volnay (Michael Cohen), he confronts surprises and revelations until the final resolution in this war/crime film.