«Promakhos» (The First Line)

“Promakhos” (The First Line), Georges with Kassandra Voyagis at the Parthenon in Athens (2014)

Georges Corraface as the architect in charge of the Acropolis’ restoration, Michel
Also starring: Pantelis Kodogiannis, Kassandra Voyagis, Giancarlo Giannini, Paul Freeman, Yorgo Voyagis
Written and directed by: Coerte and John Voorhees
Language: English
Produced by: Coerte and John Voorhees
Associate Producer: Georges Corraface
Production Date: 2014
Release Date (Greece): 27 November 2015

"Promakhos" (The First Line)
“Promakhos” (The First Line) (2015)

Two Athenian attorneys, Andreas (Pantelis Kodogiannis) and Eleni (Kassandra Voyagis), pursue litigation against the British Museum for the return of the Parthenon Marbles and take the case to London, in «Promakhos» (The First Line).

Georges portrays the architect in charge of the restoration of the Acropolis, Michel, and is an Associate Producer for the film.

This courtroom drama written, directed and produced by Coerte and John Voorhees with Georges Corraface as Associate Producer, had its world premiere at the Greek International Film Festival of Thessaloniki on the anniversary day of the death of Melina Mercouri, whose mission to reunite the Parthenon marbles in Athens drew attention to the cause worldwide at the new Acropolis Museum November 24th, 2015, with a gala to raise funds for the film’s promotion in the United Kingdom. The film was released 27 November 2015 in Greece.