«Super Hero, Despite Himself»

Georges Corraface portrays Alain Belmont, dubbed “the Clown”
With: Philippe Lacheau, Amr Waked, Élodie Fontan,Tarek Boudali, Julien Arruti      
Directed by: Philippe Lacheau
Screenplay by: Julien Arruti, Pierre Dudan, Philippe Lacheau
Language: French
Produced by: Baf Prod, Cinéfrance Studios
Production date: 2021
Release date: 22 February 2022
Photo credits: all rights reserved

Superhero in Spite of Himself - Philippe Lachau

Cedric, a struggling actor who seems doomed to lead the life of a loser finally gets a lead role as a superhero named “Badman”. He feels like everything is possible but fate strikes again.

He survives an accident apparently unscathed but in fact has amnesia. Convinced of being a super hero with an urgent mission, he blithely wreaks havoc around him.

Georges portrays Alain Belmont who, in the “film within the film”, plays “the Clown”.

– France: 1 713 741 (15 March 2022)
– Gross worldwide: $14,761,103