«To Tama»

(Word of Honor)

Georges Corraface as Evagoras.
Other leading roles: Valeria Golino, Elias Aletras, Yannis Voglis, Popi Avraam, Nana Georgiou, Stephania Pantzi.
Written and directed by: Andreas Pantzis.
Produced by: Stephania Film Productions Ltd.
Distributed by: Greek Film Center.
Date: 2000
Awards: Cologne Mediterranean Film Festival (Best Actor: Georges Corraface, Jury Prize: Andreas Pantzis) – Thessaloniki Film Festival (Best Actor: Georges Corraface, Fipresci Prize – Special Mention: Andreas Pantzis) – Cairo International Film Festival (Golden Pyramid: Andreas Pantzis).

Octobre 28th, 1940. In a small village in the western part of Cyprus, Evagoras, whose fatheris the priest, is preparing for a long voyage.

As is the custom, he has taken a vow to honor Saint Andreas if He would grant him the birth of a son in a family of five daughters. The vow was to cross the entire island on foot until reaching the St Andreas Monastery, at the eastern extremity of the island.

His prayers were heard and so, in spite of his reluctance to leave his family at this time, he is obliged to perform the ritual. He bids his loved ones an emotional good bye knowing that the road is unsafe, the dangers numerous; in fact, Mussolini has just attacked Greece that very morning, and Greece’s involvement in the world war is now inevitable.

What is more, it is raining! Time is pressing for the Saint’s Holiday is approaching. Evagoras has only one month’s time to make his journey. So, for the first time in his life, Evagoras along with his faithful donkey, Mavromoundi, who is laden with supplies and offerings for the Saint, leaves the village.