Georges as famous French filmmaker Jean-Pierre Jannaud

Georges Corraface as Jean-Pierre Jannaud
Also starring: Niko Tavadze, Josephine de la Baume, Bogdan Benyuk    
Written and directed by: Otar Shamatava
Language: English
Produced by: a German-Ukrainian co-production
Production Date: 2014

Ursus poster - large format

«Ursus», written and directed by Otar Shamatava, is a German-Ukrainian co-production filmed in English with Niko Tavadze, Josephine de la Baume, Bogdan Benyuk and Georges Corraface.

1992: Nika (Niko Tavadze), an out of work film director gets a chance to escape Tiflis, the Georgian capital ravaged by civil war. The Berlin zoo has invited him and a former stuntman, Toma (Bogdan Benyuk), to accompany Chola, the destroyed film studio’s brown bear on a long journey to Germany. A dangerous and adventurous road movie then begins. Nika will fulfill – in the most surrealistic way – his long time dream of participating in The Berlinale Film Festival when he crosses paths with the famous french filmmaker Jean-Pierre Jannaud (Georges Corraface) and Sonya, his estranged wife (Josephine de la Baume).

The shoot began in October 2014 was temporarily suspended due to recent events in the Ukraine.

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