Escape From L.A. — Blu-Ray Collector’s Edition

A Blu-ray Collector’s edition of John Carpenter’s “Escape from L.A.” is now available. This Collector’s Edition extra bonuses include a photo gallery, the theatrical trailer, TV spots and an hour’s worth of features. Georges’ interview is entitled “Miss A Shot, You Get Shot” [HD 14:37]

In this sequel to “Escape From New York” Georges stars alongside Kurt Russell (Snake Plissken) as Cuervo Jones, an anti-government rebel leader on what has become an island prison wasteland in 2013 after Los Angeles is separated from the mainland by a massive earthquake. Jones plans an invasion against a now-totalitarian America, armed with a top-secret weapons control system stolen by the president’s daughter (A.J. Langer), who has fallen in love with him and exiled herself to the island. The president (Cliff Robertson) recruits Plissken to infiltrate the island and recover the weapons system.

Other cast members include Stacy Keach, Steve Buscemi, Bruce Campbell, Peter Fonda, Peter Jason, Valeria Golino and Pam Grier.

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